A public health report for Americans

A public health report for Americans has been released, ranking each state based on their physical health, job satisfaction, and other quality of life characteristics. While Hawaii, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, and Vermont were rated 1 to 5 as the healthiest, many others are, too. Those with a lower rank need to feel bad because the report included a sample of people from each state. It’s no coincidence that people who reported their job satisfaction smoked less and had less risk of heart disease and diabetes. People who are not satisfied with their work will smoke more, eat more, and are less likely to exercise. While this is not surprising, the statistics on how people value their lives are: 53 percent felt they were prospering, 43 percent said they were struggling, and 3 1/2 were suffering. He did not mention what constituted “prosperous”. Go ahead for more fun health news.

Children: the tooth fairy adapts to inflation
The Tooth Fairy modified their remaining bonds under the bed pillows to inflate them. It appears that in 2012, he / she paid a whopping $ 3.49 for the first missing teeth, and on average the subsequent teeth lost the legendary cost of $ 2.49. A long time ago, the author obtained a quarter of the large front teeth, ten cents for a molar and five cents for the rest. The time has changed. Inflation is increasing. Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. It is possible that someone has purchased your winning Powerball ticket.

Seniors: Are you satisfied with your medical coverage?
We know that health insurance companies can be a real hassle to work with. Sometimes it takes an incredible amount of phone calls to get an answer to a question. A recent survey showed that 94 percent were happy with the quality of care, 90 percent were satisfied with the benefits, and 81 percent were satisfied with their personal expenses. This is good news, even when cuts in medical care will soon be felt across the country.

Now tell me!
Nintendo fans today can tell their parents that playing the game all day and all night leads to better surgical skills later in life. Over there. I told you. A recent study taught that surgical students who used the Wii controller had much better skills in 16 different skill sets than those who didn’t. Laparoscopy simulators are expensive and difficult for students to get, while video games, consoles, and consoles are less expensive and more available, the researchers note. Any game that comes with 3D graphics and requires extensive hand-eye coordination is good for future American surgeons. I wonder if the joystick you used years ago is as good as the Wii controller.

Blame Roomba
The more technology we have to do with housework, the more stable we will become and, therefore, the more weights. Well that’s a certain thing. We have more technology in the home that allows women doing household chores to have an easier time. Think of Roomba, the dishwashers that do everything except store them (and why not), and the laundry systems that allow us to clean and dry clothes in less time. All this leads us to relax and not to exercise. It is true that we do not have difficulties cleaning the house as was the case in the sixties and seventies. Many working women have weekly cleaning or housewives. Those without this luxury can still turn the Roomba key and then lie down to watch TV while emptying the carpet. What’s wrong with it?

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